5 Surefire Ways Of Detecting Mold Before It’s Too Late

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Mold is a word that most homeowners do not like to hear. It wreaks havoc, creates panic and of course, costs money. Strangely though, most homeowners only know that mold is dangerous. They do not know why it is dangerous. It gets worse with the fact that just a handful of homeowners know how to identify mold. The process is easy as you are about to find out. You will be shocked though with the fact that by the time you spot mold with naked eyes, it is usually a little bit late. All is not lost though because with a mold removal company to call on, you can always restore your home’s former glory. So just how do you know if your home is infested? Better yet, how do you know if the mold you’re seeing is dangerous?

Your Sense Of Smell

Think of that smell you got the last time you forgot to unpack a wet towel from your travelling back or locker. That is the same smell mold leaves behind. The smell is dumpy and stuffy. Some describe the smell as a musty, earthy smell. All these descriptions are ideal. The bottom line is, mold always leaves behind a very distinctive smell. So the moment you feel any kind of smell that can be associated with a damp and moist environment, start looking for mold.

Basement Flooding

If your basement has flooded, then by all means be keen on mold. Look around for traces of water damage or extra mustiness. Keep in mind that water may have been removed on time, but other basement fixtures may have retained some moisture. The moisture will in turn, breed mold. It might take you time to know this because mold can grow deep into drywall. So do not assume that is isn’t there just because you cannot see its traces.  Start by looking for discolorations on ceilings, walls and peeling paint.

Misty Windows During Winter

The winter season world over, is usually characterized by cold and rain. This means there is always moisture in the environment. This is hardly ever a bad thing. Problem crops up though, once you have too much humidity indoors. It will encourage fungal growth which will quickly culminate damp areas. Be keen because even small amounts of condensation can invite mold growth.

Mold Test Kits

Mold home test kits are a great option anytime the traditional visual and smell tests fail to yield results. Unfortunately, these do it yourself kits may not be as accurate as the tests conducted by mold remediation experts. So use them for just a while. Then always keep in mind that no test kit can be a 100% accurate. The most expensive ones may in fact, mislead. So once again, your best bet is to consider black mold removal in Los Angeles. That way, mold hidden in places that would be otherwise hard to reach can be easily detected and removed.

Your Health

Mold is dangerous to anyone’s health. It can take a toll on the entire family, pests included. As a thumb rule, take no chances if you have anyone with breathing complications living under your roof. The same can be said of elderly people and expectant women. Mold hardly ever goes well with them. If anything, it worsens some breathing complications like asthma. You may at some point feel the moist smell and experience shortness of breath a few hours later. This usually happens when one gets exposed to mold for a long time. The best you can do here is to keep in touch with your doctor and have a mold removal expert work on your home.

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