Top 10 Home Inspections To Consider Before Selling

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Top 10 Home Inspections To Consider Before Selling

Selling your home is more than just finding a buyer and getting the best deal. Even in the most booming markets, there are setbacks that can delay that sale, and home inspection is a common reason.

Get ahead of the game when selling your home by seeking these 10 home inspections by Trulia before listing your property:

Termites and other pests

Get only the proper pest inspector so you get rid of not just the pests you see, like mice, but also the ones you don’t like the six-leggers that have been leaching on your beams. A thorough inspection will reveal problems with your home’s crawl space as well as dry rots caused by fungi that can lead to wood disintegration.


Homes built before 1975 are most likely built with asbestos-laden materials. Though not as it is a health hazard, it’s when they start to crumble that they become a problem. Have an inspector assess your property of any known asbestos and when a removal is required, consider it before putting your house on the market.


Foundation settling is common in older homes. To ensure that your property does not have this issue, have a foundation engineer check for a cracked wall, a twisted window frame, and horizontal cracks on the foundation itself which are telltale signs of a need for new foundation.


Avoid code violations from previous electrical rewiring by hiring an electrician who knows the neighborhood’s architecture and history and who knows what problems to look for.


Having a chimney can draw in buyers, but only if it’s a working and non-problematic chimney. Bring in a chimney inspector to check the flue liners and inside bricks’ foundation. It is important to make sure that the chimney is able to exhaust smoke properly.


Lead has been banned since 1978 but leftovers from a bygone era or possible illegal deals pose threat of the continued use of the toxic material even after the ban. Ensure that your house isn’t covered with lead-containing paint by hiring a certified lead abatement contractor. You will be doing the neighborhood a public service and avoid putting your buyer’s health at risk especially if they are young children in the family.


Buyers dread roof repair expenditures. Hire a roof inspector who specializes in your specific roof material so you can have a firm estimate of the needed repairs and replacement for the roofing. This will avoid problems in closing the deal as buyers can overstate the cost if you haven’t done your assignment.


Have a soil inspector affirm your land’s stability if you live on a hill. Several factors such as the weather can pose threat of a weakened foundation. If you have a large open area that could woo potential gardeners, have someone check it for soil contamination.


If you have an old tree in your property, have an arborist check its stability and health so you can decide on whether to keep it or cut it down. The potential buyers may find it an issue as tree care, as well as removal, can be expensive.


Molds are a real problem when it comes to real estate as they pose serious health dangers. Make sure to hire a professional mold inspector who will test your property for various spores an do a thorough visual check while considering the house’s history such as past water damage.



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