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Top 7 Mold testing kits; An Absolute Guide

Have you experienced the horror of mold after opening your drawers, closest, or seeing black on the wall inside your house? If yes! Then you are on the right page to find solutions related to the problem that is bothering you for a long time.

What is the mold?

“Fungi constitute the most poorly understood and underappreciated kingdom of life on earth.”

First thing first—- it is essential to get an understanding of the definition. So, mold is a type of fungus, and these small organisms could be in black, white, orange, green, or yellow colors. The molds can survive indoors, on a wet place, that is best for survival. With the continuation of moisture, it reproduces itself, makes mold spores, though lightweight the mold can travel in the air.

It is a widespread practice and belief that we all have and can find the mold in our houses, but it is harmless in the small amounts. Mold can damage the surrounding areas when it lands and grows on the wet materials. Wet places work like heaven for this fungus, and then they start to grow. We can’t take it lightly because even when you do not get a smell, it is working to slowly destroy your building. Dry rots molds and Serpula lacrymans are among some of the highly destructive patterns, so it is vital to stay safe from them. 

Where does it grow?

As we mentioned earlier, wet places are an ideal space for the molds to grow and reproduce. So, if you see the fungus in your house, then the source could be rook leaks, yard sprinklers, washing machines, air conditioners, or leaks from the plumbing pipes.  If we talk about the outside of the house, then the major causes could be leakage of drainage pipes, bad roofs, or old stucco.

Most of the people make a mistake by installing wallpapers, paneling or other surfaces to their walls for to make them look pretty. With the additional layer of building materials, moisture and mold growth maybe hidden. Mold can also grow in dust, paints, wallpapers, insulation, drywall, carpets, and fabric. The following are main ways through which mold can come into your building from the outdoors;

  • Through doorways
  • Through air
  • Windows
  • A.C.
  • Vents
  • And it can attach with your clothes, shoes, and pets

Types of mold – Mold Glossary

If we want to deal with it better, then this is important to understand the topic deeply. According to experts, there are more than 300,000 types of mold. So, before heading further, we just look at the different types and how they attack.

Rhizopus Stolonifer; The other name of this mold is black bread mold. Apart from many other things, it enjoys food such as fruit and vegetables.

Alternaria; it occurs in damp places such as showers or under the leaky drainage or sinks.

Penicillin; is one of the most common types of the mold from which the antibiotic penicillium derived. It can be at many places like water damages structures and various food items.

Cladosporium; It is a unique type of mold that can grow at cold or warm places. It usually appears on the fabric or wood surface.

Aspergillus; is the 5th type of mold which have so many carcinogenic varieties. If it takes way into our body system, then it can cause severe respiratory problems. It usually grows indoors on dust, powdery food, and building material.

Stachybotrys; re known as “black mold” or toxic black mold in the U.S., and are frequently associated with poor indoor air quality that arises after fungal growth on water-damaged building materials.[5] Stachybotrys chemotypes are toxic, with one producing trichothecene mycotoxins including satratoxins, and another that produces atranones. wikipedia

Top mold testing kits

“Without the mold testing kits, you can’t get rid of the fungus.” (R. Santana)

Now we have gone through with the detail and different types of mold, so it is the right time to move forward. I know you have enough understanding from the above conversation that fungi/molds are everywhere around us, even if we can’t see the mold. So, it is better to take protective measures before it’s too late and destructive. You must be thinking now about the protective steps that you can choose to tackle the situation. So, “MOLD TEST KITS” is the answer to your problems. You do not need to worry; we are going to guide you properly regarding this term.

What are mold test kits?

It is one of the real questions that will give you an insight into the whole situation at once. The mold test kits can detect the airborne or surface mold spores, and it depends on the testing methods. The mold test kits catch the spores that exist around us during the time of the test. After finding the spores with our molding testing kits, we can better understand our risk and then take preventive measures.

There are so many machines and equipment available in the market. The various mold detecting kits have different methods to check the mold. Apart from this, we can detect fungi through the visual sampling method. In this method, an optical mode wipes with the sterile swab. Apart from this, there is another method called the HVAC method.

In this method, pro-lab recommends testing your air if the mold is causing problems in air conditioner and heating vents. But mold testing kits are among the handiest, economical, and easy methods to test for mold. You want to spend your money wisely, then take the notes from our evaluation below.

As we discussed earlier, that test kit is a great way to begin the battle against the household mold. So, for the guidance, here are the top 7 testing kits with excellent results and can act your companion to deal with this problem. 

DIY Mold Test, Mold testing kit

DIY Mold Test - Mold testing kit for home The outstanding mold testing kit grabs the number one spot on our list with great reviews and fantastic reviews. When you feel the water damage issues, this brilliant kit will sort out things for you. It comes with the 3-test capability, manual guide, and a mold supervisor kit to guide you. You can use the tape lifts to check the mold inside or outside of your building. If you are feeling confused about the working of the whole process, then a manual guide is in the box to help you. For better understanding, here is the little introduction of the technical specifications of this beauty.
Note; If you live in Texas, you will have to pay an extra $24 for the lab analysis. 

Highlighted features;

  • Very easy, safe, and simple to use. It comes with the booklet and manual guide to light the way you are stuck in one place.
  • The accurate result gives you great peace of mind by highlighting the bad odor and irritated fungus.
  • It is The most economical mold test kit covering the lab fee and detailed report in the basic price.
  • You have access to the expert consultation and customer service to discuss the queries related to results/inspection.
  • The 3-surface test that includes in this kit is the best way to cut the extra money.

The testing kit, which comes with so many benefits and facilities, is the best investment. The fantastic quality of this kit is that it can test all kinds of molds and give an accurate result. Through tape lift samples, you can collect the samples and take the guide from the manual regarding the mold type. After receiving the tape lift sample, send it to the lab that has processed more than 50,000 specimens, and has vast experience. You have the pros to get the result through e-mail without paying a single extra penny. Isn’t it a fantastic kit with a fabulous service?


  • The following points of DIY Mold test kit are the extras to give you an insight into the aspects that you shouldn’t miss.
  • The Amazing turn-around time with excellent service at a minimum price
  • You can get all – in – one service with a free consultation at one stop without paying extra.
  • Very affordable and has the brilliant 3 test kits.
  • The basic price of the test kit includes expert assistance, online results, and consultation.


  • Some of the users companied that the kit is perfect, but customer support was not responding timely.
  • Customers showed the limitations of this kit while detecting some of the fungus spots.

Mold test kit for home – All-inclusive DIY detection kit for mold

It is one of the most selling testing kits at the amazon with hundreds of positive reviews. If you want to have the multipurpose and use a test kit, then this is the right choice for you. As it comes with the 3-sample tested and pre-paid return shipping to the lab. You can then collect samples into seconds, mail it to the lab for free, and get the result of mold growth. It comes with the manual guide, so; you do not need to worry about the usage method. Here are the following technical specifications of this one of the most anticipated test kits;

Highlighted features;

  • It is an AIHA accredited facility, and the sample will test from this prestigious lab. If you want to get, the EPA recommended samples tested, then this kit worth your investment because it is the only way.
  • You can do the tape testing at any surface of your house and get the EPA recommended report in 5-7 business days.
  • The two testing methods, which include the surface and material testing, put your worries about mold at the side.
  • You will have to pay the lab fee if you want the samples to get tested from AIHA accredited lab facility.
  • It comes with the six plastic collection trays, four plastic bags, 1 test instruction guide, shipping instruction, and a return mailer envelope.

There is no hidden fee, and you can get the mold test results by sitting in the comfort of your house. What else do you need other than this? The USA made testing kit has the proper quality check to ensure the maximum satisfaction of the customers. Feel free to test every surface in your house by using this kit and satisfy yourself from quality products. The premium quality is the main reason to win the trust of hundreds of customers.


  • Superior quality kits made in the USA
  • The EPA approves the testing results from AIHA accredited lab facilities.
  • You can check every surface by taking a guide from the free manual.
  • Positive rating at amazon with hundreds of strong reviews


  • Some customers complained about the inaccuracy of the tests. Sometimes it can give false results.
  • You will have to pay an extra fee if you want to lab test the mold samples.

Healthful home whole home mold inspection pack – tests three separate areas

There is no need to wait for the time taking lab reports when you have the option to use a healthful mold detecting kit. It is the perfect substitute for the lab reports for which you have to wait for weeks. There are the following highlighted technical specifications of this mold kit;

Highlighted features;

  • The test of healthful testing kit is validated from the USA EPA and shows the result, which is 100% more accurate than the other tests.
  • The value pack with three testing sets can detect the mold, allergies, and fungus in minutes. As an extra feature, you can also discover the spores and allergies that can cause mold particulars.
  • The testing kit comes with the 3 ASP/PEN and three Stachybotrys tests, and three rapid all in one collection swab. Isn’t it amazing? The story does not end here, and the packaging also contains “how to use multiple areas” guide.
  • It can test more than 35 types of ASP/PEN, Stachybotrys, and mold types to access the ultimate results.

If you want to take the result in just five minutes, this 4.1-ounce testing kit is your best companion. Unlike other air sampling testing, you do not need to send samples to another place and wait long hours to get the result. Healthful mold kit can detect the mold even if in your closet, behind the wall, or in the backyard. The US EPA recommended kit take the dust samples and identify the results. Apart from all these things, there are the following pros and cons of this testing kit;


There are the following positive points which can help you to go in favor of this testing kit.

  • It gives rapid results compare to the other mold testing kits.
  • The healthful molding kits work for the multipurpose and do both indoor and outdoor testing.
  • If you choose this kit to serve, there is no need to pay any extra lab or shipping fee.
  • The testing is elementary, which you can even perform at home by yourself.
  • The sound and positive reviews work as the support system for this testing kit.


There are the following limitations that can restrict you from going in favor of this product.

  • The testing kit does not specify the type of mold, which can further restrict you from tackling the fungus.
  • If you want to confirm the type of fungus, then you may need to pay extra money.

My mold detective MMD 103 Mold test kit, 3-Room kit MyMold Detective MMD105 Mold Test Kit, Professional ... My mold detective is another shining star in the sky with some fantastic functions and working highlights. The advance technology with less price and more features has succeeded to attract the customers towards it. It is an industry-validated mold air sampling system for the people who like to do testing on their own. For a better understanding, there are the following technical specifications of this beauty;
Apart from the technical specifications here are the following highlighted features which will give you a detailed insight into this;

Highlighted features;

  • It comes with one air sampling pump, which has 15 litters, with a re-usability feature.
  • The three indoor air sample cassettes and one outdoor air sampling cassette work as an extra treat for the customers.
  • The fastest mold test you can conduct within five minutes defines another meaning of EASY TO USE.
  • It gives professional air test results, and you do not need to spend additional shipment or lab charges for re-confirmation.
  • If you want to register the online sample, then there is a fee of an extra $35/sample for the lab analysis.

When we talk about industrialists’ trust, then the 1.6-pound mold detector is the number one priority in this regard. The most highlighted function is the detection of mold levels inside or outside of your house. The re-usable mold testing pump does not let you rent out the professional tools and mold testing.


There are the following points of advantages which are encouraging the visitors to turn into customers;

  • Strong reviews with hundreds of positive rating
  • Very easy to use and you can easily use it by yourself.
  • The multi-time usage function makes it more favorable for the customers.
  • It comes with the collection container through which you can send collection into the laboratory.
  • Provides the testing options for both indoor and outdoor use


Here are the cons of this mold testing kits, which can restrain the purchasing decision of customers.

  • You will have to pay an extra cost if you want to send or submit samples in the laboratory.
  • The cost of the first trial has been a little challenging for some customers.

Mold Armor FG500 Do it yourself Mold test kit.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is shopping It considers as one of the safest and easiest ways to track the mold by yourself at home. As the name is showing the essential quality and it can perform the result in 48hours. It is a perfect choice for the people who want to save themselves or the family from harmful bacteria. If you understand the matter’s sensitivity, then there are the following technical specifications of this kit. These technical details will help you to follow working profoundly.

Highlighted features;

  • The molded armor, do it yourself mold test kit is elementary to use and give the results within 48-72 hours.
  • Mainly the testing kit has the ability of three testing methods which are; Indoor air quality test method, Air conditioning, and heating sample method, and surface sampling testing method.
  • If we talk about the individual kits, each kit has a petri dish, swab, and mold growth medium.
  • It comes with the mold blockers, which can prevent mold growth for up to 2 months.

The 2.56-ounce plastic device is working efficiently to provide the best solution at less price. You can also perform surface testing, mold structure, and location analysis by using this kit. In the end, you can send the samples for the study of mold growth pattern. If you want to get the detailed lab analysis, it can cost up to $40 extra.


  • The presence of great cameras in this kit make it possible to detect the mold even from higher locations easily.
  • User-friendly and give safe to use
  • It comes with the manual instruction guide to assist you at each step.
  • You can get the result within 48-72 hours.


  • Few consumers companies that they didn’t receive the benefits of detailed analysis from lab.
  • According to a few feedback, the mold detection practice results weren’t up to the mark.

Healthful home 5 minutes mold test

It is another top seller mold testing kit. The name shows that you can perform the test from the comfort of your home and do not need to visit the lab. The functions of this kit are a bit similar to the “healthful whole home.” If you are continually looking for the mold testing kits, then it is the best value against your money because it is most sensitive. It is one of the few tests that detect the allergy particulars that cause the mold. The EPA recommended formula is a bit different from others in that you do not need to waste your time in lab visits. So, to explain more here are the technical features of this testing kit;
If you are still confused about this USA made product then there are the following highlighted points;

Highlighted features;

  • Even if you can’t see anything, this testing kit can still detect mold spores and allergies in minutes.
  • The results are entirely accurate and safe and can even detect the small particulars of fungus/allergy in the air.
  • The EPA licensed product is easy to use with three quick steps. You can quickly assess on your own before renting the molding service.
  • We can’t doubt the technology and sensitivity of this USA based and AIHA accredited kit, which comes with the free consultation.
  • The 100% more sensitive ability than other kits can detect the mold that is often missed by the air sampling.

The 1.76-ounce mold testing kit is convenient, and we can easily carry it here and there. The small bag can detect 32 types of ASP/PEN and mold types, causing discomfort and illness. If you choose the companionship of this testing, you should not need to worry about your building’s air quality. The EPA licensed, and AIHA accredited test do wonders and consider as the 100-time more sensitive than other types of tests. The easy to use kit has all of the instructions, equipment, and direction to use in one packaging. To deeply understand the product, here are the following pros and limitations;


Here are the following advantages of this economical and easy to use EPA licensed kit;

  • Easy to use, and you can easily read the test results.
  • User friendly and less expensive
  • EPA licensed and AIHA accredited specifications make it more trustable for the customers.
  • You do not need to pay any shipping or lab fees.
  • The testing kit has the back up of hundreds of positive reviews.


Here are the following limitations of this kit which can restrict you to go for it;

  • The swab pen is only for one use; after that, you may need to buy another.
  • Some users complained about the accuracy of the test results, which could be alarming.
  • If you want to confirm the type of mold, then you will have to pay extra.

First, alert MT1 Mold detection kit

First Alert MT1 Mold Test Kit | First Alert Store If you are struggling with the mold in your house or office, then this must-have item. The first alert indeed acts as the savior and includes everything that you could need. You can use this easy to use, a safe and essential product to win the battle against mold. You can easily use the first alert MT1 as your trusted companion because it has all the vital functions that you need. Here are the technical specifications to you an insight;

Highlighted features;

  • The MT1 made by the first alert, and it is serving in this sector for the last 60 years. The trust factor of this product is influential because it comes with the motto to help the customers regarding what matters most.
  • The shining ability of this testing kit is to identify different types of molds and fungus that are causing trouble.
  • It can test 9 different locations, and you can do your mold analysis by NIOHS certified lab.
  • The kit comes with the test material, tape tests, manual guide, and preprinted return envelope.
  • The lab analysis of the mold specimens is not free; you will have to pay an extra $15 to know the type of mold growth.

The 2.88-ounce mold test kits consist of 6 test tapes, polybags, test cards, mail-in envelopes, and even more. If you are worried about the fee you have to pay for the lab analysis, do not worry. The first alert minimum lab fee compared to the other brands and make sure the quality work in less price.


  • The superpower is to identify different types of molds
  • It can test nine locations and come with the six test tapes.
  • The lab analysis is completely trust-worthy and one by a lab certified by NIOSH.


  • You will have to separate charges of $15 for the mold growth lab analysis.
  • Few customers complained about the inaccuracies in the results. So, the cent percent accuracy isn’t sure.

DIY Mold Testing Kits – Los Angeles, Valencia, Pasadena, Santa Clarita, Santa Monica, Oxnard

If you suspect mold in your home or office make sure to check into it. Mold can be very dangerous and has been known to make people extremely sick. If you feel you might have mold then make sure to take the proper precautions to make sure you and your family are safe. Do it yourself mold test kits can help.

If you feel your home has been contaminated by mold then make sure to take every step necessary to create a mold free zone. There are home mold tests you can use to carry out do it yourself mold testing. These tests do work, but they work best with paired with a certified mold inspector. A certified mold inspector will be able to tell you if you have mold or not and what type of mold you have.

There are different types of home tests kits for mold out there so make sure to read all of the mold test kit reviews you can to determine which test kit you will want to use.

Why should I go for the above molding test kits?

In 2004 institute of medicine found evidence that mold links with many breathing and respiratory diseases. Then in 2009, the world health organization issued additional guidelines to save yourself from the mold by taking protective measures.

“The first wealth is health, and it is the greatest of human blessings.”

Health should be the priority of every human, and mold is one of the most significant factors that lead to more diseases. People who are sensitive to mold infection can face allergic reactions, asthma, sneezing, runny nose, red eyes, and rashes. But it could be severe for people who have severe diseases like heart problems and shortness of breath. Apart from allergic people, there are the following people who are more vulnerable in front of this;

  • Infants and children
  • The elders with chronic diseases
  • People with a weak immune system or facing HIV, cancer, liver diseases, or chemotherapy.
  • The people with respiratory diseases

So, health always comes first, so it is crucial to invest in one of the essential things in your house. You are the author of your health, and it is a wise step to write every page carefully.

How to Perform Your Own Do It Yourself Mold Testing

When performing your own inspection you will want to do a walk through your home all the while diagraming the walls and ceilings in each room. Mark any areas that you see water damage or any discolorations. These discolorations are possibly from water leaks. Make sure to document if you have any active leaks. As you walk through make sure to list any odors you might smell and should be concerned about. If you feel there might be an area affected by mold, document how large the area is. Once you assess the area yourself you will be able to determine if you need to use a professional. Keep in mind, if you do feel you have mold it is important to get assistance from a mold inspector to determine what type of mold it is so you can take the proper precautions.

The main benefit you will get form a good mold inspection is a safe and healthy home. Do it yourself mold inspections and home mold tests are needed as well as a professional mold inspector. When there is no danger of mold the healthier your home is as mold can make you very ill.

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