What You Can Expect During A Mold Inspection

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There are over four hundred thousand kinds of mold but not all are harmful. It is estimated that only a dozen types of mold are harmful to human beings. When you discover mold in your home the first thing you should do is determine whether it is the dangerous kind or not. The most reliable way to identify mold is by calling in a mold expert to check it out. Mold experts can tell what kind a mold is by looking at the color and structure.

However, there are various factors that affect how mold looks like presence of light, temperature and the environment. This means that it may not be easy to identify the actual mold type and sometimes a mold expert may have to run some tests. The mold inspector will also be able to tell you how much mold you have in your home since it tends to hide behind walls, carpeting and flooring. When you hire a specialist for mold inspection in Santa Clarita, this is what you should expect:

Visual inspection

Always a find a professional mold inspector with proper credentials and experience to carry out the inspection. The inspector will first make a visual inspection around the affected areas and will go further to check places that are prone to mold. He or she will check the inside of your home and the surrounding landscape as well. Be ready to give the inspector access to any part of your home for a thorough check. If the mold inspector suspects that your home may have airborne mold, he or she will carry out an air sampling procedure.


Once the inspector identifies all the areas affected by mold, he or she obtains a sample from each site for diagnosis. Mold inspectors use a piece to tape or a swab to obtain the sample. The sample is then packaged in a secure container and then sent to a laboratory for further analysis. Air sampling is done using special equipment that draw air and then impacted over a glass substrate to create samples.

Fungal sampling

Surface, air and bulk samples are taken to the lab to determine the kind and level of contamination. The results will show if the mold present in your home is the dangerous type or not. Dangerous airborne mold usually cause allergic reactions from inhalation and it is important that you get a mold removing company to take care of the problem.

Written report

The mold inspector will compile a final report about his findings and present them with detailed findings and recommendations. He or she will advise you on how to remediate problem areas in order to prevent future occurrences from happening. Never attempt to remove mold by yourself as this may have serious health implications later on. Leave the job to trained professionals. They will know what equipment to use and which method to use to ensure they eliminate the problem once and for all.

What to look for in a mold inspection company

After you notice mold growing in your home, you need to contact a professional mold inspection company immediately to run tests. Work with a company that has experience in the field and has gotten good reviews from previous clients. A professional mold inspection company will work closely with you so as to know where to look to determine exactly what kind of mold you are dealing with. The company should have the latest mold testing equipment to ensure they get accurate results from mold samples. Harmful mold causes illnesses like respiratory problems and if left for long, it can lead to more serious health conditions like asthma. That is why it is very important to carry a mold inspection occasionally in order to ensure the safety of your family.

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